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How to remove captcha from WHMCS domain checker


We can disable captcha through Setup > General > Security Tabs will disable captcha globally.

But if do this,that will increase the spam support tickets.

Follow the stpes if you want to remove captcha only from Domain Checker page(

Remove the following codes from domainchecker.tpl file.

Line number 3 to 7

{if $inccode}
<div class="alert alert-error textcenter">{$LANG.captchaverifyincorrect}</div>

Find the following code (line number 28 to 37)

           {if $capatacha}
        <div class="captchainput">
            {if $capatacha eq "recaptcha"}
            <p><img src="includes/verifyimage.php" align="middle" /> <input type="text" name="code" class="input-small" maxlength="5" /></p>

Replace with the following

<input type="hidden" name="direct" value="true">

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