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I pay 7000$/month to leaseweb & now they screwing me!! read to find out how

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I found a thread in WHT saying a Youtube clone site that pay $7000 per month is taken down for abuse by leaseweb.


Here is post from WHT

Of course I figured some would jump in and blame the op with different things but what it boils down
to. Youtube clone site – user submitted material . All of these sites
including youtube only acts when they receive complaints. Its
impossible to sit and screen every incoming video.

Blame the OP for picking leaseweb
in the first place without checking their policies on this if you have
to blame him for anything but this remark above is pretty uninformed
and just seemed like you jumped in to throw a remark someones way.

I dont recall anyone saying that everyone should get together and bash leaseweb.
I just still cannot understand how anyone with remotely any knowledge
of user submitted sites and web 2.0 style sites to think that leaseweb was in the right somehow.

But what it all boils down to in
the end is leasweb can run their company and policies anyway they
choose and an experience like this should educate people in the future
if they ever consider leaseweb for such
a site. You got many new style sites that would not be a good idea to
host there not just user submitted video sites but any user submitted
sites for that matter.

If a network proves that they do not have any sort of abuse procedure
that allows webmasters of user submiited sites to resolve issues then
what in the heck is wrong with posting such an experience and letting
people know?

If this is how they handle such situations then it would take a very gullible person to use leaseweb for such a project

I dont know, doesnt the most of you guys agree on this? How can they host such projects if their abuse policy is like this?

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