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ClipBucket Requirements and Installation in Centos Server

Two days before Annie successfully installed YouTube Clone Requirements for our new client. He contacted me through and this website we created in the year 2013 for providing ffmpeg installation and ffmpeg Webhosting. Today I got another e-mail from

Free YouTube Clone Script

Do you want to start a web site like ? Here is a free PHP script that allow you to run your own video sharing script. Video sites like YouTube, Google, Metacafe, etc are making tons of money, and

URGENT: vShare 2.6 security patch – group_posts.php

Hello, There is a security vulnerability identified in vShare 2.6 and older versions. All are requested to download security patch from Unzip and upload to vShare install folder in BINARY mode overwriting existing group_posts.php If you are using older

Make Your Own Website Like Youtube

If you want to make a clone of youtube for yourself, then this is really simple and possible where you can put your favorite videos and can make good money from your website. Youtube is a big site and it

Chinese government ask to shutdown

Chinese video sharing site was listed in the sites to be shutdown publishhed by chinese government because they suspect pron content on the web site. Most of the web sites on the list are small video posting forums,

Russian government to buy YouTube clone

Few days back, i have posted about Russian Youtube clone Today i see a post in techchurch saying russian government is going to buy the video sharing site for $15 million. I think this should be the first government owned

Russian Youtube clone rutube Valued at $15 Million

Russian YouTube clone aptly named RuTube is getting some major funding from Russian media holding group Gazprom-Media, with the company acquiring a majority stake in the online video-sharing site. Gazprom is actually valuing RuTube at $15 million, and will be

Stage6 Youtube clone shutdown

DivX, Inc., a digital media company, started Stage6 to provide high quality online video. Following an exploration of strategic options that began in July 2007, the Company has decided to cease operation of the site and focus its resources on

youtubeclone xss

On Feb 2003, there is a new vulnerability reported for Youtube clone script. The YouTube Clone script suffers from a cross site scripting vulnerability in load_message.php. Discovered by SmasherCMS: Youtube Clone ScriptSite: http://warwolfz.altervista.orgWarWolfZ Security Crew.Hello i don’t know if this

Youtube Clone with Pictures

I would like a Youtube Clone site like on but with a picture section. I would also want my own custom branded video players so they could even upload any of there videos and even download them later on.