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Installing FreeBSD as local web server

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After having two servers with FreeBSD, i think its time to say Good bye to Linux.

I am thinking of getting all new servers with FreeBSD installed.

Rightnow i am installing local test web server on FreeBSD 5.2, i was using Fedora c3 for local web server. Just finished FreeBSD installtion with out GUI, i have some problem in getting GUI work, but i don’t need it as i used this as a web server to test web pages local before uploading to internet.

I can browse internet with text browser lynx, just installed cvsup with out gui

cd /usr/ports/net/cvsup-without-gui
make install clean

Now i am updating the ports with

/usr/local/bin/cvsup -g -L2 /etc/cvsupfile

Ports are getting updated well on my slow net connection.

I thought i could not do this on my slow connection and tryed to get ports one by one from

I downloaded Apache21 port, but trying to install it got some errors, like autoconf marked the version of Apache as broken, may be because autoconf is old version and can’t identify the new version of Apache. So desicded to try the ports upgrade with cvsup and is working fine.

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