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Server10 MotherBoard replaced

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Yesterday found down, on contacting data center found there is problem with the server power supply, later they told the MotherBoard is faulty and they put the harddisk on a new computer. Now the sites are working.

On getting the srever online, i tryed to take a remote backup with rsync, but i start getting warning that the CPU is HOT. So i stoped the backup with Ctrl+C

After about a hour, server again went down… Submited support ticket and got it back online. Next day i wakeup and found it offline… Support ticket bring it back online…

I thought the server can’t handle high server load due to some reason, so i moved 3 of high traffic web sites out of the server.

But server is getting down even after the sites are moved. After the Harddisk moved to this server, it went offline 5 times within 24 hours. So i have asked to check the server for hardware problem.

They told one of the 512MB RAM was from the new server and one from the old server. Now they put both RAM from old server, also put a cabin with more ventilation. It seems a problem with RAM mismatch.

After this change, server is working fine, no down time even after 24 hours.

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