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Installing FrontPage Extension on Cpanel Server through SSH

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Today a client want to install FrontPage Extension on his domain. For some reason, it is not listed on WHM. This was a new server and sites are moved from another server, DNS zone file for this site was missing, i have created a new one at /var/named folder to get it working.

To install FP Extension on SSH

root@server4 [/scripts]# ./setupfp5
What is the servername you want to setup?

Starting install, port: 80.

Created: 25 Jan 2005 00:33:26 -0000
Server extensions already installed on port 80.
Reverting to upgrade.

Starting upgrade, port: 80.

Created: 25 Jan 2005 00:33:26 -0000
Chowning Content in service /.
Port 80: Upgrade completed.
Upgraded Version:
Setting Password
Frontpage passthough auth enabled!
root@server4 [/scripts]#

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