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Installing qmail qmHandle

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This is a simple program that allows you to view and manage (withing some limits) the qmail queue, both remote and local.

With this program you can:

* Read the qmail queue, like you do with the qmail-qread program. However, the output of this program is improved over qmail-qread, with the output of the message subjects and color capabilities.

* Print queue statistics, like qmail-qstat, with color capabilities

* View a message in the queue.
* Remove one or more messages from the queue.

* Force qmail to send queued messages immediately.

You can download qmHandle from

After downloading, unzip the file

freebsd# tar -zxvf qmhandle-1.2.0.tar.gz

Now you need to chmod the file qmHandle

freebsd# chmod 755 qmHandle

Next, edit qmHandle and set few configuration options, qmHandle is ready to go.

First set path to qmail que

my ($queue) = '/var/qmail/queue/';

Then set start/stop command for qmail

On FreeBSD, it will be

my ($stopqmail) = '/usr/bin/qmailctl stop';
my ($startqmail) = '/usr/bin/qmailctl start';

On Linux, it will be

my ($stopqmail) = '/etc/init.d/qmail stop';
my ($startqmail) = '/etc/init.d/qmail start';

On FreeBSD servers, you have to change

my ($pidcmd) = 'pidof qmail-send';


my ($pidcmd) = 'ps -U qmails | grep qmail-send | cut -s -d " " -f 3';

as there is no pidof command on FreeBSD.

freebsd# ./qmHandle
qmHandle v1.2.0
Copyright 1998-2003 Michele Beltrame

Available parameters:
  -a     : try to send queued messages now (qmail must be running)
  -l     : list message queues
  -L     : list local message queue
  -R     : list remote message queue
  -s     : show some statistics
  -mN    : display message number N
  -dN    : delete message number N
  -Stext : delete all messages that have/contain text as Subject
  -D     : delete all messages in the queue (local and remote)
  -V     : print program version

Additional (optional) parameters:
  -c     : display colored output
  -N     : list message numbers only
           (to be used either with -l, -L or -R)

You can view/delete multiple message i.e. -d123 -v456 -d567


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