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How to Add Contact Form in WordPress

First thing you need to do is login to your WordPress admin area and go to Plugins -> Add New. You can search ‘Contact Form‘ in the search box. Then you can pick the desired ‘Contact Form‘ plugin from the

How to fix Mail Error 503 valid RCPT command must precede DATA

One of our customer configured his email on Microsoft Outlook. When he sends email to any users, all emails bouncing back with below error: From: System Administrator Sent: 29 July, 2018 1:05 PM To: sales Subject: Undeliverable: test mail Your

Mail using sendmail command

To send email using sendmail, use Now you need to type in press enter, on next line, you can type message (email body). Once you enter the message, end it with a new line (Enter) and a DOT (.) character.

Plesk Qmail SMTP Server

Plesk control panel in Linux can use Postfix or Qmail as SMTP server. Here are some useful commands working with Plesk Server with Qmail SMTP Server. Stop/Start Qmail To start qmail use To stop qmail use Log file In pleask,


Check why your email goes to spam, go to Send a email to the random email they generate. Click on check, now they do some checks on your domain and generate reports.

Deleting spam mails with exiqgrep

exiqgrep is a command to search in exim mail queue. To freeze all mail from a domain, run To freeze all mails by recipient domain, run To delete all frozen mails, run

How to De-listing an IP from a blacklist

If you are one whose IP has been black listed, each Blacklist has its own procedure of getting your IP removed from the Blacklist. In most cases a hosting service is notified that potential spam emails are being transmitted from

How do I point my mail to Google Apps?

How do I point my mail to Google Apps? Google Apps is a service from Google providing independently customizable versions of several Google products under a custom domain name. 1, Log into your AccountCenter. 2, From the Overview page or

Mail Server Problem – IP Blacklisting

IP blacklisting is mainly due to overall volume of mail coming from that server, or messages seem to have characteristics of spam in them. Another common cause is email forwarders. If you have [email protected] forwarding to [email protected], if [email protected] is

telaen – new webmail to replace uebimiau

Many use uebimiau web mail (pop3 mail reader script in php) as web mail on web servers. uebimiau have not upgraded recently, it seems the author is busy with other projects and have no time to update this web mail