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Installing quotatool on Linux Server

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quotatool is a utility for setting filesystem quotas from the command line. It supports Linux (versions 2.6, 2.4, and 2.2, with ext2, ext3, ReiserFS, and XFS), Solaris, and AIX.
Today i installed quotatool on Linux server as i need to change quota of a user, i have done with edquota command available in Linux, this will open vi editor for editing quota.
quotatool is command line tool, i installed it as i want to see how it works.
First download latest version of the program from
wget urlto/quotatool-1.4.9.tar.gz
tar -zxvf quotatool-1.4.9.tar.gz
cd quotatool-1.4.9
make install
After installing, you can use quotatool. To see the quota of user backup on device /dev/sda3
# quotatool -d -u backup /dev/sda3
To get help
# quotatool
  quotatool version 1.4.9
  Copyright (c) 1999-2006 Mike Glover / Johan Ekenberg
  Distributed under the GNU General Public License
Usage: quotatool -u uid | -g gid options […] filesystem
       quotatool -u | -g  -t time -i | -b filesystem
  -b      : set block limits
  -i      : set inode limits
  -q n    : set soft limit to n blocks/inodes
  -l n    : set hard limit to n blocks/inodes
  -t time : set global grace period to time
  -r      : restart grace period for uid or gid
  -R      : raise-only, never lower quotas for uid/gid
  -d      : dump quota info in machine readable format (see manpage)
  -h      : show this help
  -v      : be verbose (twice or thrice for debugging)
  -V      : show version
  -n      : do nothing (useful with -v)

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