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Kickstarter Announces Crowdfunding Services From Scandinavia, Ireland

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Kickstarter users in Scandinavia and Ireland can create their own projects on the popular crowdfunding site. Kickstarter is now officially open to projects based in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Ireland, the crowdfunding site announced Monday. We’ll send an email that day letting everyone know when exactly they can click the launch button.”

Kickstarter details that users in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Ireland can start creating projects on Kickstarter today but won’t be able to “launch” those projects publicly until October 21. Kickstarter says it will support the local currencies of Scandinavia and Ireland, including the “Danish kroner, Swedish kronor, Norwegian kroner, and the euro …”are supported by the platform.

While Irish organizers are already able to launch campaigns on the platform, Kickstarter’s spokesperson, Julie Wood, revealed that the new process will be much easier. “Right now if you live in Ireland, you can only launch if you can find a business partner in one of the six countries in which the service is currently available; it’s actually not that easy but people have managed to do it.

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