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MEGAVIDEO – Beats YouTube

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One of the best ways to establish yourself against a top business in your niche is to compare and demonstrate how your company is in effect an underdog that is better than the industry leader.

New social video website Megavideo has taken that strategy by launching with a comparative branding scheme. Calling itself a video sharing website that “beats youtube”, Megavideo is targeting current YouTube users and potential adopters of other video sites.

There are two main ways you can make money with videos on Megavideo and both of them require you to sign up for a premium membership that costs around US$10/mth or lesser for a long term plan. Upon signing up, you are eligible to earn money through their rewards program and Abrite in-video advertisements.

Megavideo’s rewards program pays you one reward point per video view and you’ll need 100,000 reward points to win a 1 year premium membership + US $100, with more points leading to greater money rewards. You can also display AdBrite’s in-video ads and earn 100% of the ad revenue from your video.


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