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Microsoft Lumia phone without Nokia branding leaked

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lumia_microsoftJust a week after it officially announced it was dropping the name Nokia from its Lumia series phones, a Microsoft-branded Lumia phone has reportedly leaked; and there is no Nokia name on it.

A Chinese website has put up an image of a Microsoft-stamped smarpthone on its site that is widely believed to be the new Lumia phone from the US tech giant and there is no name of Nokia anywhere on the phone, not on the front nor the back.

Rather, there is a the name Microsoft on the back of the phone with the logo of Windows.

After the much hyped acquisition in April this year for USD 7.2 billion, the US tech giant renamed the Nokia Mobile to Microsoft Mobile. In the last week of October, Microsoft announced it was dropping the name Nokia from its Lumia series phones.

The rebranding is “a natural progression as all devices that once came from Nokia now come from Microsoft,” Tuula Rytila, senior vice president of marketing for phones at Microsoft, had said.

Though no technical details are given, the phone is said to be named Microsoft Lumia RM-1090.

From the available photo, it is orange in colour and said to be a 5-inch phone with a 960 x 640 resolution with a a 1,905mAh battery.

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