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Top 7 Most Powerful Themes for WordPress in 2022

Discover what the best 2022 themes you can choose from! This list includes free and paid themes. Astra – The Most Popular WordPress Theme Astra WordPress Theme is a fast and lightweight theme that can be used for a multi-purpose.


Change Magento 2 URL

To change Magento 2 web site URL/domain name, run following SQL commands You need to flush cache with CLI You can verify the URLs are set properly in DB with You can also use CLI like See Magento 2


Blocking Layer 7 DDoS with CloudFlare Firewall using Fail2ban iptables Only Allow Traffic from CloudFlare IPs

The World Wide Web Consortium Finally recommends HTML5

The HTML5 standard is now officially being recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the international standards organization for the World Wide Web. The HTML5 standard has been around for years and powers many of your favorite sites. As

How to Prevent Hacking

Every computer which is connected to the internet has the possibility of being attacked by virus or spy ware or by hackers. You need to be extra cautious when your computer is connected to the Internet. 1. The most important

Internet tips and tricks you might not know

Here is a list of some tricks that you would wish you had known before. 1. Ctrl Enter When entering an Internet address you do not need to type http:// or even www. in the address. Just enter the name

NO-IP outages caused by Microsoft.

Just got following email from NO-IP We want to update all our loyal customers about the service outages that many of you are experiencing today. This is NOT A TECHINCAL ISSUE WITH NO-IP. This morning, Microsoft served a federal court

Boot Linux In Your Browser

Fabrice Bellard, the creator of the QEMU emulator, wrote a PC emulator in JavaScript. You can now boot Linux in your browser. You need Firefox 4 or Google Chrome 11 for this to work.

Microsoft Acquired Skype

Microsoft Acquired Skype for $8.5 billion. With 170 million connected users and over 207 billion minutes of voice and video conversations in 2010, Skype has been a pioneer in creating rich, meaningful connections among friends, families and business colleagues globally. deleting account

I had a account, used with my file mirroring web site Today i got mail saying the account has been terminated Hotfile: Account Termination Account Termination Notice: Your account has been terminated due to repeated alleged copyright violations.