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My Second eBay Auction

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Today i created eBay sales page for Script Installation Service.

First eBay auction was very simple text, with second ebay auction, i have more improved auction content and better layout. I have started with MS Word, then copied it to MS Front Page, i like Hand Coding for creating HTML pages, but for a quick Page, MS Front Page is ok.

Click here to check my second eBay Listing for script installation service.

Starting price for script installation service auction is $0.99, many auction start at $0.99 and goes high as more biders are interested in the service or product. I found an auction, that sells lot of web site content (targeted for AdSense website), starting price was $.99, so i bid at $2, and i am the top bidder now, auction will end after 7 hour. Have to wait and see if i will Win this. is still under construction, sibi and geoji is working on new site design. Today created 2 pages, project is moving very slow.

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