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Back in 2001, i started first web site with Plesk control panel. Then moved to Cpanel for Linux.

I don’t like Plesk control panel. Cpanel is lot of easy to use as a normal user.

As a server admin, Cpanel servers are much easier to manage than Plesk servers.

Today i see some interesting discussions on SoftLayer IRC channel about updating Plesk control panel

<WhiteWolf> updating plesk is like playing russian roulette
<Hogie-Two> or a box of chocolates
<Pauliukas> I pity thy fool who uses Plesk
<Pauliukas> Speaking of fools, there's budmang!
<Hogie-Two> best way to upgrade plesk is to format/reinstall
<Pauliukas> lol
<WhiteWolf> i avoid that if at all possible
<eth00> better then ensim which is russian roulette with a semi-automatic
<WhiteWolf> lol
<WhiteWolf> amen to that
<WhiteWolf> i forget, are you supposed to step upgrade plesk?
<WhiteWolf> like 8.1.0 ->  8.1.1 ->  8.2.0 ->  8.2.1?
<eth00> I think but i won't say for sure
<WhiteWolf> i just hope plesk doesn't explode

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