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RailYatri, Smartest App for Train Travelers in India

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RailYatri is quickly turning out to be a must-have mobile app for people travelling by train. With its unique and much needed features for instance My Trip Planner, PNR with Smart Predictor, Seat Availability with Confirmation Forecast, Live Arrival & Departure, RailYatri stands much ahead of its competition.

Here’s a glimpse of some features that make RailYatri app stand out in the crowd.

• Seat Availability Confirmation Forecast – No more sleepless nights worrying about the confirmation of your train ticket. Users can make smart decisions based on the forecasts of RailYatri. It predicts the probability of your ticket getting confirmed based on crowd- sourced data.

• My Trips – With its intelligent personalization, this feature automatically configures itself based on your location giving access to relevant information at your fingertips e.g. nearby stations, live station status, platform information, directions to the nearest station etc. It tells you everything you need to know about your trip without you asking for it.

• Platform Locator – Keeping in mind the trouble railyatris go through while locating the platforms, has come up with a life-saving idea on the web and mobile app. You can now know the platform number at which your train will arrive, beforehand, and reduce the unnecessary running around the railway station with your luggage. Users can also easily contribute to this feature by sharing their knowledge with the fellow travelers and help each other. Yes, life could be easier.

• Speedometer – We live in a world addicted to speed. This feature allows users to check the speed of your train. Speedometer is an advanced feature recently launched and tells you the speed of your train at a given moment using your phone’s GPS. The cherry on the cake is this feature allows you to share it with your friends on Facebook. surely knows how much we love to share!

• PNR Smart Predictor – Check the chances of your Wait Listed PNR getting confirmed, apart from the standard current status. The probability is estimated based on confirmation history of similar tickets in the past.

• Rail Wisdom – Don’t we always miss some location, food, places of interest or station facilities during travel because we were not aware? Now, with RailYatri’s Rail Wisdom, you won’t miss anything. Rail Wisdom is a crowd sourced feature for travelers to share and seek information from fellow travelers taking the train. Rail Wisdom puts all information related to train stations under one roof for instance amenities like wheel chairs, retiring rooms, waiting rooms, station master contact details, hand pushed trolleys etc. This feature is extremely useful if you are visiting a city for the first time.

RailYatri app also captures the intelligence of daily travelers by predictive search and lists other trains running on the same route, without you having to look for them. RailYatri app is specifically designed in a manner in which your phone’s data and battery usage is highly optimized. My two cents – before hopping on a train, download RailYatri app on your phone and make your journey more enjoyable.

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