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Schools in the US love Google Chromebooks

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google-chromebookWhen it comes to Chromebook, Google has not shied away from its belief that it is perfect for computer equipment, and education departments all over the world. But here in the United States, schools, and students have begun to feel the same way. In a blog post, where it highlights a different way, for example, is used by educational institutions in California Chromebooks, Google noted that recent IDC figures have their line as selling computer equipment in k-12 education. Taking into account the consideration of the report the laptop and tablet computers, so this is a significant achievement and technology companies.

Some school districts like Montgomery County, MD, for example, are using over 50,000 Chromebooks, and that’s after only beginning adoption earlier this year. But Google isn’t quite satisfied, as it wants Chromebook to keep reaching even more students and schools — especially outside its home soil, where resources are particularly limited.

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