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Skype gets chat notifications only on the device currently you are logged in

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Skype announced a new feature called active endpoint which ensures you only receive chat notifications on the device that currently you are logged in. The company says the new functionality is rolling out “over the next few weeks,” and all you have to do is make sure that your devices have the latest versions of Skype.

In other words, if you’ve ever used the communication app on multiple devices and been frustrated by getting multiple sounds and vibrations for every single message, you’ll be happy to learn that will soon be an annoyance of the past. Skype understands your frustration:

If you use Skype on one device at a time, your experience will not change. If, however, you are signed into Skype on any combination of smartphones, tablets, and/or computers, but you are only using one of them, Skype will now only send new message notifications to that device, and not the rest.

All your other devices will stay quiet as you chat. If you stop using all your devices, they will all get notifications so it doesn’t matter which one you pick up to use Skype. When you start using Skype again, notifications will go back to only being to that device. This way, you hopefully won’t miss anything important but you also won’t be annoyed.

It’s also worth noting that the on-and-off chat notifications doesn’t affect your chat history. It will still be synced across all your devices so you can continue your conversation from all of them.

Finally, you should know that this change only applies to chat notifications. Call notifications will still be sent to all devices, “so you can answer on whichever gadget you prefer, not just the one you’re closest to” Skype explains.

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