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Softlayer started content delivery network

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Dedicated server provider Softlayer started its own content delivery network. This will allow large web site to serve static files like images, pdf and other media files faster. Many large sites like youtube, yahoo use CDN network to serve content faster. With CDN network, your files are mirrored at different location, when a user request a file, it is delivered from a server near him.

Cost of using SoftLayer CDN is $20 for 200 GB of traffic, that comes about $0.1 per GB of traffic. This is good price as you have to pay the same price if you have dedicated server at softlayer. For extra GB of traffic, it cost $0.2 per GB. That is little high, but its still good as you are getting CDN for the price. Many data centers charge you $0.5 per GB of bandwidth.

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