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Make money sleeping

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Have you ever seen advertisement saying “make money sleeping” ?

Today i see an advertisement on a site saying Make Money Sleeping.

There are many ways of making money on internet. But no one pay you for just sleeping. The advertisement is for a MLM web site. If you join them and sleep, you will not get any money.

There are few company offer money for driving or even offer you a car free to drive. They do because, they can advertise on your car. If you drive a lot every day, there are company interested in advertising on your car.

If you are active in forums, you can make some money by sharing files or referring others to free file hosting site. You can make money when you sleep, but you have to post many links, so people will download your files while you sleep. There is no shortcut to making money online.

Other ways of making money online, mainly depends on your skill. If you are good in writing, you can offer article or content writing service. If you know programming, web designing, etc… there are people who like to buy the service. There are freelance sites like,, where you can find people who looking for these services.

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