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Stage6 Youtube clone shutdown

DivX, Inc., a digital media company, started Stage6 to provide high quality online video. Following an exploration of
strategic options that began in July 2007, the Company has decided to
cease operation of the site and focus its resources on the Company’s
core DivX technology licensing business while also continuing to power
the distribution of DivX video content on third-party sites.

core business is to work with a wide variety of partners to give
consumers a high-quality digital video experience on any device or
platform,” said Kevin Hell, CEO of DivX, Inc. “By no longer expending
resources on Stage6, we sharpen our focus on creating a global standard
for digital video while building a business that maximizes shareholder
value. We will provide more information related the shutdown
on our fourth quarter earnings call, scheduled for March 11, 2008.”

on will be available for viewing and download through
February 28, 2008. The Company will work with certain content
publishers to migrate content to alternative web distribution

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  • ck

    Project Mayo ! look into it ! divx is illegal and should be sued by microsoft. project mayo ! is a hack of microsofts mpeg-4 codec avc. basicly they changed few things and renamed it divx, same thing with xvid

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    To the post abover, youre comparing avi vs mpeg. Two completely different formats, different compression, completely different. More alternatives to the methods that Microsoft provide us is always good.

    Sorry to dig up a dead horse.

  • Krista Ranillo

    Youtube is my super favorite website. I cant spend a day without watching music videos on Youtube.