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Tips to Write Blog Posts

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Understand your audience

You start to write, have a clear understanding of your audience. Consider what you know about your buyer personas and their interests while you’re coming up with a topic for the blog post.The headline, the setup, the introduction of characters and setting. For a blog post, you’re introducing the topic and necessary background information to your reader.

Create an outline

You starting to write a big long meandering post that may or may not arrive at a conclusion, break it down into steps.

1. Introduction of the thing

2. Value of the thing

3. The THING

4. Case study of the thing

5. Conclusion

Be Honest

Write about a topic you know well, use a proven blog post structure, and you can create good, useful blog posts fast.Blogs that are written in an honest voice and truly show who the writer is are often the most popular. Remember, a critical component to a blog’s success is the community that develops around it.

Organize your content

Blog posts can have an overwhelming amount of information , for the reader and the writer. Before you start writing, you know which points you want to cover, and the best order in which to do it,determine who your primary and secondary audiences will be. Who will want to read your blog and why?Identify not only your goals for your blog but also your audience’s expectations for it. Then decide what tone would be most appropriate for your blog, and write in that tone and style consistently.

Write in Short Paragraphs

The trick is to organize the info so readers are not intimidated by the length or amount of content.Write your blog posts in short paragraphs to provide visual relief from a text heavy web page. Most readers will skim a blog post or web page before committing to read it in its entirety. Text heavy web pages and blog posts can be overwhelming to readers while pages with a lot of white space are easier to skim and more likely to keep readers on the page.

Rising Action

After you finish writing, go back and optimize your post for SEO.You might also be wondering if you’ve put in enough keywords. If there are opportunities to incorporate keywords, Carefully select which keywords you want to link to other pages, because search engines take that into consideration when ranking your page for certain keywords. Link to pages that rank well for that keyword.

Local Search

Social media is playing a bigger role in search engine optimization.When a piece of content is shared on social media, it’s prioritized in the ranking results. You should also encourage your writers to update their Google+ accounts with their social networks and pictures. Google will often prioritize posts with an author’s picture, and they also stand out more in search engines to someone who is searching for a topic you’ve written about.

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