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Top Social Media Sites for Online Business

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social-mediaNowadays, almost internet users are connected with many social networking sites. There are a number of social media sites, what are the differences between these platforms and why would business want to use each specific one? Depending on your online business some might work better than others.
Here are top 7 social sites listed, which are the best social media sites for your business.


It’s indubitable thing. The one and only competitor of Google on WWW is Facebook, a largest social network and had successfully carved out a market for keeping in touch with people you already know. Family, high school friends and former co-workers are usually included in a person’s ‘friends list’ on Facebook. Also Facebook is a site where internet users spend their highest time instead of any other sites. So this one is the best for manage your online business and earn a lot from lots of public.


Twitter allows you to network and connect with celebrities, brands and topics. Some of your “real life friends” might be here, but probably not too many. Many “celebrities” are also the one “tweeting” from their twitter account, so with some effort you can appear on a persons radar that you are trying to get the attention of. There are many automated programs that allow twitter to easily follow, Re-tweet and mention others.


Linkedin is your online resume. It lists your previous work history, skills that you have talent in and can also include recommendations from previous people you have worked with. Make sure you keep this up to date and accurate of your current business dealings. Many people who do business with you will often Google you and look for your Linked in profile.


Google+ : The second largest social network and backed by the “#1 name in search”. Google Plus although regularly compared to Facebook, is nothing like it. This platform is great for connecting with people based on interests and topics outside of friends or family. If you are in a business this is mostly likely your target market – i.e. New customers, strangers or people you do not know already.


Pinterst is another visual social sharing platform. You “Pin” images to your own personal virtual corkboard, broken up into any category you can imagine. People then are able to pin your pins onto their own boards. And will they ever. Pins are clickable back to the website that they were originally pinned from and this can mean traffic for your site. Pinterest offers a high shopping component, allowing you to include the price of items as part of the pin.


Instagram is a picture sharing social platform. It eliminates the clutter of other social networks listed and highlights your products and services in a very visual way. Even if you don’t sell a product, sharing things like company culture, accomplishments your employees are achieving such as charity work, parties, travel.

Foursquare is a location ‘check-in’ service that allows your customers to let the world know that they are at your place of business and share it with all their friends on social networks. Foursquare is all about local. If you have a physical store location, and you are not maintaining a foursquare presence take note! Clients who live or work near your business can make up the majority of your customer base.

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