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Wristband gives shocks People into Quitting Bad Habits

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'Pavlok' wristband

A wristband that can shock people into giving up bad habits has been developed by an American firm.The ‘Pavlok’ wristband lets the user simply picks a bad habit he or she wishes to tackle and chooses the punishment it will mete out, reported.

The campaign was launched on Wednesday, and has already gathered over 125 percent of funds required for the project to go forward, with the initial sum indicated as $50,000.

Pavlok can help with setting goals like going to the gym regularly or giving up social networks, with the wristband electrically shocking the owner, should he/she fail to stick to the task.

The shocks can range anywhere from a vibration or sound reminder, to making the wearer pay a fee or sending a mild electric shock of up to 300 volts. The wristband has been developed by a Boston company and contains a Bluetooth radio that links to a smartphone app that can, for example, tell if the user has turned up on time to the office for work and even claims to change behaviour and allow users to unlock their potential and seamlessly transform into the person they want to become.

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