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youtubeclone xss

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On Feb 2003, there is a new vulnerability reported for Youtube clone script.

The YouTube Clone script suffers from a cross site scripting vulnerability in load_message.php.

Discovered by Smasher
CMS: Youtube Clone Script
WarWolfZ Security Crew.

Hello i don't know if this vuln is already out , but i've searched in securityfocus and is not present.

Bug found in load_message.php at line 4:

<?php echo $lang['please_wait']; ?>

Ex: http://localhost/youtube/siteadmin/editor_files/includes/load_message.php?lang[please_wait]=[XSS]


<?php echo htmlspecialchars($lang['please_wait']); ?>


If you are using older version of youtube clone script, you must upgraded to latest version of youtube clone script available from

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