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Amazon Fire phone TV commercial

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Amazon’s first TV commercial for its new Fire Phone. You can watch the 30-second spot at the bottom of this post.

The ad features two kids touting the fact that customers who purchase Amazon’s new smartphone will receive a $99 one-year Amazon Prime membership for free.

To begin the commercial, the kids tell each other what they have on their phone. The boy has Twitter, Minecraft, and Hunger Games; the girl has Pinterest, Skyfall, and apparently reads Sheryl Sandberg’s popular book.

The kids then tell a woman, who is presumably one of their mothers, how they can access “tons of cool stuff for no extra charge” thanks to Prime.

“I’ve been on this earth nine years, and I’ve never seen anything like it,” the boy says.

It’s clear that the company is highlighting the Prime membership benefits — access to movies, music, Kindle books, and two-day delivery — to potential smartphone buyers.

The Fire Phone debuts July 25

More details at

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