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atop – a better top

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atop is command line tool like top, shows CPU, Memory and Disk usage. It highlight overloaded resources, this make it easy to identify system bottlenecks. atop come with cronjob, that connect data, can be used to analyse system performance.

To install atop

On Ubuntu/Debian

apt install atop

On RHEL/CentOS 7

yum install atop

On Debian, it add cronjon /etc/cron.d/atop, this will collect data in folder /var/log/atop

atop commands

g show general info
m show memory related info.
c show command line

Viewing History

atop store stats of your server when cron runs. To See past server stats, run

atop -r /var/log/atop/FILE-NAME


atop -r /var/log/atop/atop_20171025

This will show you stats for 00:00:00 hours. To change time, press t or T (SHIFT + t), this will take you 10 minutes forward or backward in time.

See Server load

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