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Connect to PPTP server via command line on Ubuntu

To connect to PPTP server from command line on Ubuntu/Linux, create file Here honvpn is name of the connection, this can be anything. Add following content to the file. Here is IP of PPTP server. hostonnet is the PPTP


Install Zabbix Agent from Source on Linux

In our previous post we have installed Zabbix Server on Ubuntu from source. Let’s add and monitor another linux server with Zabbix Agent. Login to server as root and Create a new user and group Download and install latest version

How to Monitor a Host with Nagios

In our previous post we have successfully installed and configured Nagios core in our Ubuntu server. Now, let us add some clients to monitor by Nagios server. To do that we have to install nrpe and nagios-plugins in our monitoring

Upload files to Amazon S3 from Linux Command Line

Amazon provide awscli command line tool to upload files from Linux command line to Amazon S3. This is a python package, so you need pip installed for installing awscli, if you dont have pip installed, install it with Now install

Install vsftpd in Ubuntu 14.04

To install vsftpd on ubuntu, run Now you need to edit vsftpd config file File and un comment following 2 entry. You need to add After chroot_local_user.


sed is a command line tool to replace text. To display only To Replace text You can use regular expression for matching text.

Find Information About a Kernel Module

modinfo command is used to find more information about a Linux Kernel module. Modules provide additional features that are not provided by kernel by default. For example, you have a Graphics card that is not supported by kernel by default,

Generate SSH Key for Password less Auth

To generate SSH key, run This will create SSH public and private key in your home directory. The location will be Your private key will be This is PRIVATE, never ever share it with anyone. Your public key will be

Sending mail from command line

To debug email servers, you may need to quickly send a test email from command line, then check the logs. You can use mail command to send mail. But you need to fill multiple fields. Here is one line command


Ansible is a DevOps tool, used for managing servers. Ansible allow you to manage multiple servers easily. With ansible playbook, you can automate complex server administration and deployment tasks. Installing Ansible To install Ansible on Ubuntu, run Quick Start We