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How to Create Custom Error Pages in cPanel

Login to your cPanel. In the Advanced section, click Error pages. You will see a list of Common Error Codes, click the one you want to create a custom error page for. Here I am selecting 404 Enter a message

How to set up email forwarding in cPanel

Log into your cPanel In the Mail section, click on the Forwarders icon. Then click the Add Forwarder button. Enter the email address you want to forward Enter the email address where you want to forward emails from the above-mentioned

How to use the virus scanner in cPanel

Login to cPanel In the Advanced section of the cPanel home screen, click Virus Scanner. Select scan type and click on Scan now button. Scan Entire Home Directory − This option will scan your entire cPanel account. If you choose

How to check your Disk Space Usage in cPanel

Your disk space usage is the total sum of all data in your account including websites files, MySQL databases and e-mail messages. This article describes about how to check Disk Space Usage in your cPanel. First thing you need to

How to Set up a Cron Job in cPanel

Login to cPanel Click on Cron Jobs icon under Advanced Section. Select the specific time from the lists provided. The following example shows a job set up to run twice daily. Enter the command you want to run in the

How to Set Email Send Limits for an Individual Domain In WHM

You can set Email send Limits per hour for an individual account from WHM Reseller control panel. 1. Log into your WHM 2. Click on Account Functions then click on Modify an Account 3. Select a particular account you want

How to fix Mail Error 503 valid RCPT command must precede DATA

One of our customer configured his email on Microsoft Outlook. When he sends email to any users, all emails bouncing back with below error: From: System Administrator Sent: 29 July, 2018 1:05 PM To: sales Subject: Undeliverable: test mail Your

How to use the IP Blocker in cPanel

To block an IP address or domain using the IP Blocker, follow these steps: In the Security section of the cPanel home screen, click IP Blocker. Enter an IP address or range you would like to block, then click “Add”.

How to create additional FTP accounts in cPanel

To create a additional FTP account, you should follow these steps – Log in to your cPanel. Then click FTP Accounts icon. In the Add FTP Account section, fill in the fields as needed. Click the Create FTP Account button.

How to create an Email Filter in Webmail

This tutorial will show you how to create an Email Filter in Webmail. This is userful for cPanel Hosting Clients who uses Webmail. Email filters allow you to perform a specific task such as sending a particular emails with specific