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Exim Mail Server

To list all mails in queue To see total number of mails in Queue, run To view body of a mail, run To see header of a mail, run To find scripts that send email in Cpanel server, run

Install Atlassian Confluence on Ubuntu 16.04

To install Atlassian Confluence, download it from This is a Java Application, minimum recommended Memory is 6 GB RAM. Now to go URL If you are installing on remote server, replace localhost with server ip. You will see Select

pip Failed to build cryptography

When installing fabric with pip, i get following error The error is related to build/temp.linux-x86_64-2.7/_openssl.c:434:30: fatal error: openssl/opensslv.h: No such file or directory This is fixed by installing libssl-dev on Ubuntu On RedHat/CentOS, you need to install

CPAN – Comprehensive Perl Archive Network

cpan provide large collection of open source perl modules. To install a perl module from cpanel, run Example


lsof is a linux command to list open files. To list all files open by a process, run Example List all Connection on a Port lsof -P -iTCP List all TCP connections Device or resource busy

Install Docker on Ubuntu 16.04

To install Docker on Ubuntu 16.04, run following commands as user root. Back to Docker.

Squid Proxy Auto Installer

Proxy is used to hide your real IP address. One of the popular software used to setup proxy is I have recently created a script to auto install squid proxy on Ubuntu 16.04 and Ubuntu 14.04 servers. All you

Find which program use a port

To find which program use a port, for example 8080, you can use netstat or fuser command. ufser fuser command is part of psmisc package. On CentOS, install it with To see which application is running on PORT 8080, run

Server Benchmarking with Geekbench

Geekbench is a benchmarking software that measures power of your web server. It work on both windows and linux To install on Linux, run For Older version of Geekbench v3 Once you run benchmark, you can save the result to

110: Connection timed out while reading response header from upstream

On Nginx + PHP-FPM server, some times site failed with 500 Internal Error. On checking nginx error log, found following error The error says “while reading response”, so it is a read_timeout. Nginx have 2 read timeout’s. proxy_read_timeout fastcgi_read_timeout Both