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Cannot receive emails

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There are number of reasons that may cause you can not able to read emails. The most common reasons are:

* Username is incorrent. Most email clients only suggest the first part of the email address (user instead of [email protected]) as the username, while our email servers require the full email address to be used as the username.

* Using SSL on non-SSL ports. If you want to use SSL for your incoming emails – make sure you are using one of the following ports:

POP3 (SSL): 995

IMAP (SSL): 993

* Wrong ports (non-SSL). If you are not using SSL – make sure you are using one of the following ports:

POP3: 110

IMAP: 143

* Wrong host/server name. Make sure you are using the correct server for incoming emails. In most cases you can use (where is your domain name).

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