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I've been working in Technical Section for over 10 years in a wide range of tech jobs from Tech Support to Software Testing. I started writing blog for my future reference and useful for all.

How to benchmark Linux computer

Benchmarking a Linux system with Simple command line tools measure many different attributes such as CPU performance, disk I/O, memory, graphics card, network speed testing etc. In the terminal type following command (Below command requires root privilege, so run it

What is the equivalent of the “tracert” DOS command?

Traceroute and tracert commands are network diagnostic tools used to track the pathway taken by a packet on an IP network from source to destination. The main difference is of the Operating System and how the command is implemented in

How to Lock Client Profile Fields in WHMCS

If you wishing to stop your clients from changing their contact details, without contacting you. In this post i’m going to explain how to disable this options. 1, Logged in WHMCS administrator panel. 2,setup -> general settings -> other There

How to validate WHMCS license

WHMCS is your all in one client management system to handle client management, billing & support interface for web hosting businesses. Before purchasing a hosting package, people can check to see if a host has a valid whmcs license before

How to check Ubuntu version in terminal

If you have forgotten the version of your Ubuntu OS then follow this tutorial which explains how to find the Ubuntu version. Open the Terminal (keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+T) In the terminal type following command: Your version will be shown on

How to check all available NS records for a domain

We can check all available NS records for a domain using the option -type=any You could run the command: nslookup -type=ns ( can be replace with your domain name)

How To Update WordPress Themes Via Dashboard

How To Update WordPress Themes Via Dashboard Recently one of our customer asked if it was possible to update a WordPress theme without losing the customization he made. This article help you how to update WordPress theme. First thing we

How to Check the WordPress Version of Your Site

Recently, one of our customer asked us how to find WordPress version from dashboard ? It is very important to know what version of WordPress we are using. Updating to latest version avoids the vulnerability present in previous versions. Updating

How to View Your PHP Version in cPanel

Login to your cPanel. On the left bottom, click the “Expand Stats” link. You will then see “Server Information” link, click on that. Now you can see version of PHP your server is running. View PHP Version Using PHP Script

How to change email passwords in Cpanel

1. To change your email password, login to cpanel control panel of your web site. 2. In the “Email” section, click on “Accounts“. 3. Next to the email account you want to click on “Change Password“. 4. Enter the new