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Can’t connect to WordPress using Windows Live Writer

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Getting the following error when I try to connect the WordPress blog with Windows Live Writer

Can’t connect to your blog service.

Network connection error- Error attempting to connect blog at http:/

Moved permanently : Moved permanently

Please try fixing the problem and then try again


I have tried all the possible methods like disabling plugins,changing WP theme to default,Fresh wordpress installation etc.But nothing was helpfull.

When I checked the site in (WordPress XML-RPC Validation Service) it showing error like


Tried googling with error message “Could not open handle for fopen()” I understand need to enable allow_url_fopen.Checked phpinfo.php and it was already enabled.


When I go Redirect me to Again checked phpinfo.php and found custom php.ini file. Removed it and Windows Live Writer successfully connected with WordPress.

Another fix is , create a copy of xmlrpc.php and rename it something else like wp-xmlrpc.php
Go to Windows Live Writer, point the Remote posting webaddres of your blog to


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