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How to Install Mod_Gzip with Apache

mod_gzip is an Internet Content Acceleration module for the popular Apache Web Server. It compresses the contents delivered to the client. There is no need to install any additional software on the client! If you are having difficulties with getting

How to Install, Configure and Securing a new cPanel Server

First Install cPanel on the new server after this give screen command If it works then OK ,but if did’nt work use now give screen command after that give ‘ll’ or ls and you will see the file as ‘latest’

Microsoft vs AlphaRed

AlphaRed is one of the popular low cost unmetered bandwidth dedicated server providers. They recently made lot of new customers by offering 100 Mbps dedicated bandwidth for $400 per month. Owner of AlphaRed runs another software cpmpany that make fake

FDCservers bandwidth challenge 2008

FDCservers will beat bandwidth pricing of any established* competitor for 100Mbps and faster connectivity. Simply provide us with a quote or a link to a deal you want us to beat and we will make it happen Note: Established =

New server from

Yesterday i order a new server from I used to take servers from softlayer and is happy with them. But just want to see how good caro is, also they have some special offers, you get $30 less than

Fake syn flood

Last two days one of my server want going down and up at times. Since the server only host few of my own sites, it won’t be a big problem. Some times i noticed the site went down and come

MRTG Graph Droping

MRTG on a server shows the bandwidth usage increase or decrease sharply, it look like the web server is restarting too much. I have spend many hours looking into lighttpd web server as i thought web server is actually causing

lighttpd high server load

I have write about bandwidth usage of new server 2 days back. Today, bandwidth usage reached 50 Mbps average. But the problem is server load is at 1 all the time. I hope the server will be able to handle

Added 2nd 50 Mbps Unmetered Server

I have brought second 50 Mbps unmetered dedicated server. Server configuration is Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E6550 @ 2.33GHz 4 GB RAM 500 GB SATA Hard Disk 1 Gbit connection with 50 Mbps unmetered. This is the most costly server dedicated servers

If you do Free Web Hosting, there can be lot of abuse complaints. Many data centers create too much problems and even can get your server canceled. I found is good for hosting such web sites. I really