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Microsoft vs AlphaRed

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AlphaRed is one of the popular low cost unmetered bandwidth dedicated server providers. They recently made lot of new customers by offering 100 Mbps dedicated bandwidth for $400 per month.

Owner of AlphaRed runs another software cpmpany that make fake Register Clean software named “Registery Cleaner XP”, that shows adson users computer saything the computer is slow and to fix it, user want to buy their software.

Microsoft filed caused auginest AlphaRed and BranchSoftware (Registery Cleaner XP).

AlpaRed tried to sell to CWIE Hosting, but the sales won’t go as there is some thing againest taking over AlphaRed’s hosting accets. Most of the AlphaRed’s staff are fired and only few lest.

Good for Microsoft. One of the scourges of the Internet, useless software products called scareware that make you think something is wrong with your computer, is now under attack for violating consumer protection laws.
Microsoft and the Washington state attorney general are suing a Texas-based company called Branch Software and its owner over false claims made about $39 program called Registry Cleaner XP which bombards consumers with annoying popup ads trying to frighten them into paying for the useless security program.
“We won’t tolerate the use of alarmist warnings or deceptive ‘free scans’ to trick consumers into buying software to fix a problem that doesn’t even exist,” Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna said in announcing the action.

I used to have one server with them, they are good for the price.  Lets wait and see what will happen to AlphaRed

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