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Yesterday i order a new server from

I used to take servers from softlayer and is happy with them. But just want to see how good caro is, also they have some special offers, you get $30 less than softlayer for same configuration.

caro do not include KVM/IP like softlayer, but i do not use it, so i don’t really need it. I am still waiting for the server, it is over 12 hours. With softlayer, your server will be ready to go within 4 hours.

I just made a search for caro reviews on webhostingtalk, found some bad review 🙁

i don’t know TeleSouthNet but after more then 1 year dealing with caro i would advice everyone to run a way of them
bad support
bad network
every other week your server is down as their network under attack
they promise to provide 2hr hardware change and you will end up with 24hr
sales are great when they want you as a customer after you get the server they don’t care what you want
every month we have power off as the power supply is broken
every day you will find your self in new story with them they even reload your server with out request as the server has kernel panic they don’t care about your data at the end of the month the open their mouth to get money
this month i would say bye bye caro no more westing money with kids

I will do a daily backup of data to a different server, so if they create any problem, i will not lose all my data 🙂

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