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How do I set Sublime Text 3 as The Default Editor For Filezilla On Ubuntu

I exchanged my computer with co-worker Tom and Sublime Text was not installed on his PC. So I installed sublime-text by running the below commands Then in FileZila > Edit > Preferences > File Type Association added the below Here

Convert Upper and Lower case letters in Sublime

Select the characters and press Ctrl + Shift + p in keyboard , from Command Palette search like Title Case Upper Case Lower Case There also keyboard shortcut to convert upper and lower case letters Press Ctrl + KU to

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How to Set Unix as Default Line Ending in Sublime Text

Bydefault Line Endings in Sublime Text will be Windows. You can set Unix as default by Opening Preferences -> Settings-User and Paste the following content. If you already have any other custom prefernces set, you don’t need to put the