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sar No such file or directory

When running sar on Ubuntu, i get error To fix, run This will ask you to activate cronjob for data collection. Select Yes. Now wait some time for cronjob to run, sar will work. See sar

Hide Users On Ubuntu Login Screen

To hide a user from showing up in Ubuntu Login screen, edit file Find line Add the user you want to hide on this line. On my PC, following user shows up on login screen This is a user created

Change network name to eth0 on Ubuntu/Debian

To change network name to eth0 like in old versions of linux, edit file Find Replace with Now run On reboot, your network name will be changed back to old eth0/eth1 format. CoreOS disable Consistent Network Device Naming

Google Chrome

Install Google Chrome on Ubuntu Run following commands as user root Google Chrome profile directory in Ubuntu /home/USER/.config/google-chrome Create a New profile To create a new profile, create a folder First time run For first run, use following command Starting

Installing Scrollout F1 Email Gateway

Scrollout F1 is an Email Gateway that sit in front of your mail server stop all incoming and out going spam. You can find more info at Scrollout F1 need Ubuntu or Debian server to install. To install Scrollout

Configure RailWire NET LINK FTTH ONU On Ubuntu

When i get FTTH connection, i just connected the ethernet cable from FTTH ONU to existing DSL router TP-LINK TD-W8968 WAN port. Logged in to TP-LINK router management interface at, set it to work in “Wireless Router Mode” instead

How to find Ubuntu/Debian version

To find version of Ubuntu/Debian, you can run Example This way show exact point release, for example this is Debian 8.8. You can use lsb_release command to find more details, lets first install lsb_release if not already installed. Now run

Installing webmin on Ubuntu/Debian

webmin is a free control panel for linux servers. It is mainly used to manage linux servers. This is not a web hosting control panel. To install webmin on Debian/Ubuntu, first add webmain repo Add Install webmin GPG Key

Opening Java Web Start ( jnlp) files in Ubuntu

Many servers provide option to access console using Java Application. Dell servers with Dell Remote Management Controller (DRMC) provide JViewer, when you click on Console Redirection, you will be asked to download a file called “jviewer.jnlp”. If you are on

Disable Laptop Keyboard in Ubuntu

HP Laptop had issue with Keyboard key getting press by itself. It started taking screen shot every now and then. Once screenshot short cut key disabled in Ubuntu keyboard setting, it started playing with scroll lock key. To disable laptop