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How to fix File for preset ‘hq’ not found error

After the successfull Youtube Clone Requirement installation for a client, uploaded a test video and got a convert error. So verified following convert command on the server and got “File for preset ‘hq’ not found” Searched with the error ‘File

24 Mbps average bandwidth usage after 1 day

After two days of getting new server for free file hosting site, the bandwidth usage average reached at 24 Mbps average. This server have Core2Duo with 4 GB RAM, lighttpd web server with mod_secdownload. Server load is $0.4 now.

China cracks down on video sharing sites

When the wife of a popular sportscaster grabbed the microphone at a pre-Olympics reception and blabbed about her husband’s infidelity, the inevitable happened. An audience member with a cellphone captured the whole embarrassing episode, including the mortified husband trying to

Sites Like Youtube

I already know about Stage 6 and Veoh, what are some sites like them that let you download videos (preferably without needing to download a file like with stage 6) and is legal? http://www.thatvideosite.comhttp://www.funnyvideos.com List of many more sites availavle

Video Showing Importing Video from youtube

Here are two video’s showing how to add youtube video to youtube clone site.

Brightcove.TV Throws In The Towel On YouTube Clone

In news that shouldn’t be too surprising, Brightcove has announced that its YouTube-style consumer video community, which currently resides at the Brightcove.TV domain, will soon be closed. As of December 17, 2007, users of the video service and community will

Best Buy rolls out its alternative to YouTube

he retailer, No. 11 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide, is launching a subscription-based video sharing service. Base plans start at $6.97 for 100 minutes of video hosting and video lengths up to 30 minutes each. Subscribers also can

List Video Sharing Sites

Here is a comprehensive list of video search and video sharing sites. For more details, including whether or not you can upload videos, video editing capability, single-file size limit, time limit, pricing structure, privacy settings, software downloads, target audience, monetize….

vShare Youtube clone 2.5 released.

Today vShare Youtube clone 2.5 released. This version have many new features like WYSIWYG editor for email templates Option to Recreate Thumbnails for video Search Video with FLV name Rename FLV video to stop hotlinking. SEO url for group posts

Mojiti – China’s YouTube Clone is a web 2.0 youtube clone from china. This is not an exact clone of youtube, but look interesting. It got a pleasant web 2 look. With its popularity, it become  a prime acquisition target for $1 billion News