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A new Montreal-based website,, aims to become one of the biggest online collections of TV ads – from multiple cultures – on the Internet. The ad-supported user-generated content site catalogues creative from around the world and also hosts webcam

Japan Too, YouTube?

YouTube, the booming American Web site where surfers share short videos, is taking off in Japan, too. The number of Japanese visitors per month has more than quadrupled to 6.4 million since February, an unprecedented success for an English-language Web

Unexpected traffic impacts site creator

A new video website run by an ex-Waikato university student is gaining ground in the US. has only been online for two and a half months but already the site creator Hoss Cartwright refers to the number of visits

Yahoo!, AOL Veterans, Join Veoh Video Hosting Network Executive Team

San Diego, California – (The Hosting News) – July 30, 2007 – Internet Television firm, Veoh Networks, has appointed Yahoo! veteran, Steve Mitgang, as the company’s new Chief Executive Officer. In addition, has also named Jennifer Betka as Senior Vice

Can Broadband Replace Old TV, Cable & Sat TV?

Theoretically yes! Especially now that even Comcast and Verizon have started to talk about broadband connections that zap data back and forth at speeds in excess of 100 megabits per second. As the speeds increase, the ability to call up

Rediff launches iShare content sharing platform

Rediff has now joined the bandwagon of companies which have been inspired by the Appleā€™s iXYZ branded products and services. The Indian based web company has launched a social content sharing platform named iShare. Rediff says that this platform would

LG Handsets Get YouTube Services

LG Electronics has penned an agreement with popular video uploading Web site, YouTube, enabling its handset users direct access to YouTube services. As such, owners of LG handsets will now be able to view videos and easily upload them directly

MySpace Started YouTube clone – MySpaceTV

MySpace started its own YouTube clone – This is one of the exact clone of youtube. Exactly same features. It seems MySpace asked developers to clone With the popularity and user base of MySpace, this youtube clone will

New YouTube Interface for Embedded Videos

Embedded YouTube videos have now received the new interface. The time line navigation has been optimized so that you can now jump ahead in a video even if that part hasn’t been loaded yet (Google Video already did this before).

Sony to join video sharing party

Sony has decided to go ahead and join the rest of the world in trying to launch its own video sharing service. The company announced its plans at a news conference in Tokyo today, saying that the service will be