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CenturyLink Cloud provide a command line tool “clc” to manage servers. You can download clc from

To install

tar xf clc-v1.1.0-linux-amd64.tar.gz
cd clc-v1.1.0-linux-amd64
mv clc /usr/local/bin

First you need to login with

clc login --user USER_NAME_HERE --password PASSWORD_HERE

To list all servers, run

clc server list --all

To create a server based on template, run

root@GB1ZVJ0SQUID01:~# clc server create --name "boby10" --group-id "e44b36d4c53d4c9fb9a9f114f1414ef2" --template-name NY1ZVJ0NETFRE01 --cpu 1 --memory-gb 1  --type standard
    "ErrorMessage": "",
    "IsQueued": true,
    "Server": "boby10"


By default new servers have internal IP, to add exteral IP to newly created server, run

clc server add-public-ip-address  --server-id ny1zvj0boby1001 --ports "protocol='TCP',port='22'"

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