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CPAN configuration

To install CPAN perl modules in linux, you can use “cpan” command. In command shell, enter cpan

cpan> install DBI

If you are running cpan for first time, it may ask you to configure, you have to select the FTP server from which you download the cpan modules. You can select one cpan mirror near you. Once you done the initial setup, it will never ask you, it always go ditectly to cpan> prompt.

Today i configure cpan with a server with South America, but it won’t work for some reason, i need to reconfigure cpan, but there is no option for this as per man cpan.

At last i have done this my renaming the file


Which stores cpan configuration.

Also deleted /root/.cpan

After doing this, running cpan will ask you to configure cpan again. You may select “no” to first question, that is are you ready to configure manually, it will configure cpan with default options.

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