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Domain Name not resolving in Cpanel Server

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In a cpanel dedicated server, client added a domain name. But it won’t resolve even after 24 Hours. So i checked the if the domain name resolved by the DNS server of the server.

root@godislove [/tmp]# nslookup
> server
Default server:

** server can’t find NXDOMAIN
> exit

So i loged into the server and checked if name servers (BIND) is running. service named status shows it running. I checked if the domain resolve within the server, but it fails.

So checked if domain is added to httpd.conf file

Found the domain in httpd.conf pointing to IP (IP of virtualhost) and the domain entry was not in /etc/named.conf file.

So i added a DNS Zone for this domain name with

root@server1 [/scripts]# ./adddns
Add Dns 1.0 …
Warning, this only adds dns to the local server …
If this server is not the dns master, this will not work
Enter ip?
Enter the new domain?
Setup OK

root@server1 [/scripts]# service named restart
Stopping named: [ OK ]
Starting named: [ OK ]
root@server1 [/scripts]#

Now the domain start working.

It seems there was some problem with DNS server at the time domain created in WHM, so it won’t get added to DNS server properly.

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