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Facebook to push users onto chat app

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Earlier, there were reports of Facebook’s intention to force users to download its standalone messaging app by discontinuing private chats from the mobile app. Now, the company has confirmed about putting the plan into action by pulling out the messaging feature from the Facebook mobile app.

According to a report by TheVerge, Facebook will soon start notifying users to switch to its standalone messaging app. Besides, with new messaging apps for iOS and Android, the company plans to improve the speed and add features such as the ability to take selfies and videos within the app.

The notification reads, “We’re moving Messages. Soon they’ll be in our other app Messenger. You’ll be able to do more, like take selfies and videos within the app – and its much faster.”

If it makes things any better, the company claims that splitting it into two apps will ensure that both work efficiently. But hassle of managing separate apps – one for social networking and other just for messaging might annoy some users. However, these changes will not reflect on the desktop, and the messaging feature will continue to be part of the desktop application. Like it or not, downloading the standalone app will soon be the only way users can chat using Facebook.

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