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As a lot of people were involved in The Planet’s outage this week, which took down their DNS servers, we need to remind people how important it is NOT to rely on your hosting providers DNS servers.

Why? I only have servers at one location, why does it matter if they go down?

The main reason is e-mail.

Let’s say someone tries to email you, if all of your DNS servers are down, that email is going to bounce.

However, if your DNS servers are still up, but your mail server is down, the remote mail server will “grab” your mail server IP, and put it in the their outgoing queue and try to continue resending for 5 days.

So what should you do about it? Well for one, don’t host your DNS servers in the same location! offers free DNS hosting to anyone, we’ve been in business for about 7 years now, we have over 40k domains, 30k customers. We are not new to the business. We know what we are doing. EditDNS has 5 nameservers, 3 in the United States, and 2 in Europe, we offer free email forwarding, url forwarding, slave/backup dns, and dyndns DNS.

Don’t let another outage hurt your business again.

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