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Happy birthday Linux, Linux turns 23 today

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Linux developed on On 25 August, 1991 by 21 year old Finnish programmer Linus Torvalds turns 23 today.


23 year ago, Linux Torvalds sent out following message to announce birth of Linux Operating system.

What would you like to see most in minix?

Linux is Free, Open Source software. It is widely used on servers, mobile phones (android) and desktop. Recently linux is gaining lot of attention with Ubuntu and SteamOS. Steam, the largest PC gaming platform is making their own Linux based gaming computers called SteamBox. Already 600+ games are available for Linux on Steam, this will help Linux gaining market share among home users.

At we use Linux destro CentOS for our servers. Most desktops runs Ubuntu. Linux on desktop is much secure than windows, there is much less chance for getting infected from a malware or virus. Unlike Windows, linux even work on older systems.

Linux Foundation recently made a series of videos showing work area of Linux developers. Watch Linus Torvalds work area.

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