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I had a account, used with my file mirroring web site

Today i got mail saying the account has been terminated

Hotfile: Account Termination

Account Termination Notice: Your account has been terminated due to repeated alleged copyright violations.
If you believe that any claim that your account has been used for infringing content is not accurate, you may submit a counter-notification.
See our Intellectual Property Policy (

Since it was a file mirroring site, we have no control over what users uploads.

Most use file hosting sites to share illegal files. File host with out these files is not going to be much popular. While i run file hosting site, almost 99% of files uploaded where pridated software, movies or software.

I noticed many users are using instead of hotfile these days, many files shared with both hotfile and, hotfile uploaded files get deleted.

Lets see how is going to survive with out these illegal uploads, may be they are under legal threat.

HotFile Alternative Server in USA, use lighttpd web server. Server in HONG KONG, use nginx web server.

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