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How do I Restored WordPress from other server to Plesk

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First I updated the hosts file to see the web site from new server.

You can change in the hosts file directly through the terminal on In Ubuntu and most Linux distros. You can use your favored editor or even open your favorite GUI text editor. Ubuntu’s hosts file placed in the /etc/ folder.

I used sublime editor to open hosts file

subl /etc/hosts

For example, if your IP address 12.345.678.90 and the custom domain you want to use is, add the following line to your /etc/hosts file:


Then, I have completed the below steps

1). Uploaded WordPress backup files to httpdocs folder

2). Created MYSQL Database in Plesk and imported the Database backup

3). Updated the wp-config.php file with new database credentials

But Website was showig 403 forbidden error and its worked when I changed the httpdocs folder permission.

plesk 404 page

After clearing the browser cache, I checked the website again, but this time showed plesk default page as follows

So deleted index.html file in httpdocs folder and Site started working.

What do I need to transfer my website ?

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