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How Glass Can Help Build Super-Fast Computers

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Super-Fast Computers

A new research has demonstrated that how glass can be manipulated to create a material that will allow computers to transfer information using light.

The study conducted by the University of Surrey suggested that this development could significantly increase computer processing speeds and power in the future.

The research conducted in collaboration with the University of Cambridge and the University of Southampton, has found that it is possible to change the electronic properties of amorphous chalcogenides, a glass material integral to data technologies such as CDs and DVDs by using a technique called ion doping, the team of researchers have discovered a material that could use light to bring together different computing functions into one component, leading to all-optical systems.

The team showed how a widely-used glass could be manipulated to conduct positive charges.

“This should enable the material to act as a light source, a light guide and a light detector — something that can carry and interpret optical information,” project leader Richard Curry added.

The results of this research will be integrated into computers within the next 10 years, the team hoped.

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