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How to Add a New Post in WordPress

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If you are new to WordPress, here is a step-by-step plan for getting started.

To get started creating your first WordPress post, go to WordPress admin panel ( and then to “Posts » Add New” from the left sidebar.

1. Title Area: Here we can write the title of your post.

2. Content Area: In this area you can write text of your post. We can also add images by clicking the “Add Media” button.

3. Standard Editing Tools: Here are options like bold, italic, lists, paragraphs, and headlines.

4. Publishing Tools: This is where you get your post shown to the public; For publishing post we can click on “Publish” button. We can also set a publication date to schedule the post in the future or save the post as a draft for more editing.

5. Additional Fine-tuning Tools: Update your blog post and categorize it

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