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How to do Bulk Pricing Update in WHMCS

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Today I am going to explain how to change the renewal prices for existing clients products and domains using the Bulk Pricing Updater Tool in WHMCS.

1) Login to WHMCS admin panel.

2) Begin by navigating to Setup > Addon Modules

3) Locate and Activate the addon named Bulk Pricing Updater (it may already be activated you can skip this step)

4) Next navigate to Addons > Bulk Pricing Updater.

You will be presented with the interface below.

5) Begin by choosing the type of bulk pricing update you wish to perform. In my example I am going to modify domain pricing, so click on Domains button.

6) Next you’ll be asked to set the criteria for the update.

First we selecte TLD(s) at the top you would like to change the price for by ticking the checkbox next to the specific TLD, here i selected pricing.

Next we select the Billing Cycles you want to apply the change to.

Next select the statuses you want to apply the change to, just Pending and Active statuses are what we recommend as Expired and Cancelled domains won’t be billed again

Last, you enter the new recurring price in the field that you want to assign to the customers

7) The next step will show you a preview of the changes allowing you to confirm your selections before confirming and performing the change. If you’re happy with the summary, click Perform Update to begin the changes.

The system will confirm success with a report something along the lines of the following:

You can repeat this process as many times as needed to cover all the different product or domain registration periods and domain addon combinations you wish to change.

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