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How to implement RSS Feed from WordPress to another site

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I used the below code to display the posts from to

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class rss 
    var $feed;
    function rss($feed) 
        $this->feed = $feed;
    function parse() 
        $rss = simplexml_load_file($this->feed);
    $rss_split = array();
    foreach ($rss->channel->item as $item) {
            $title = (string) $item->title;
                $link   = (string) $item->link;
            $description = (string) $item->description;
                $rss_split[] = '<li>
                                <a href="'.$link.'" target="_blank" title="">'.$title.'</a>						                            
        return $rss_split;
    function display($numrows,$head) 
        $rss_split = $this->parse();
        $i = 0;
        $rss_data = '<ul class="list-unstyled">';

        while ( $i < $numrows ) 
                $rss_data .= $rss_split[$i];
        $trim = str_replace('', '',$this->feed);
        $user = str_replace('&lang=en-us&format=rss_200','',$trim);
        return $rss_data;

$feedlist = new rss("");
echo $feedlist->display(15);

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